Tuesday, November 6, 2007

iGoogle Hong Kong Themes

There are more themes coming to your iGoogle homepage very soon. And more surprisingly, there is one tailored for Hong Kong! Here's how it looks like throughout the day:
Some other themes are Aja Tiger, Autumn, JR and Solar System. Enter the following into your browser's address bar when you are at google.com/ig:

Where jr.xml can be any of the above XML filenames.

It seems Google is desperately promoting iGoogle. Still remember the interesting iGoogle ad I talked about previously?

[Via Google Blogoscoped]


Cliff said...

you forgot the address for the hong kong image list. And the hong kong image loops! its too small for my screen!

Unknown said...

Google is # 1 for me? but not knowing how this happen, I have a
website that should be displayed only with OUR URL: the is so many unwanted what Google called a repeated omitted pages, we have been trying to delete or remove and we are not able. since last saturday 11/6/07 we can't get an answer from 3 e-mail sendind to their URGENT "Google link" Please we need help!

Unknown said...

@ galfdba You might want to try out the Google Webmaster Tools which has a removal tool. It normally takes less than 3 business days to get your site removed.

Unknown said...

Hi Keith,
thanks for your reply,
I tried to remove the content"POWERED BY SKADATE" which was picked up by Googles bots" by accident and still unabale to remove it By "Google Webmaster Tools " it's more than 5 5 business days.
If there is another way to do it

Unknown said...

Apparently Google Webmaster Tool is the most effective and efficient way to remove your content from Google (as you are verified as the webmaster of the site which adds authentication. I really don't know what you can do next. Just make sure you verified your domain.

Dereck Wibes said...

this hong kong theme's awesome. i don't see why ANYONE would want to change it.. but whatever 2nd. i can change the hong kong theme, i actually bothered to see if i can change it, cus you guys all say you can't. just click on "add it now" for other themes you want to change it to, if you don't know.

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