Sunday, November 4, 2007

What is Missing in OpenSocial

OpenSocial is a project initiated by Google for developers to create applications across various social networks. So far, all the major social networks agreed to participate, such as MySpace, Hi 5, Ning, Friendster, etc, except Facebook. The idea is that, with just a single platform, developers will not have to waste time developing the same application multiple times just to fit their codings into various social networks. But will OpenSocial be the ultimate solution to cross-platform social network application development? Not yet.

Just as Nicholas Carlson from Valleywag points out, OpenSocial does not allow applications on one social network to communicate with another. This means that the same FunWall application I have on orkut wouldn't be the same as the one on MySpace. Also, some of the participating social networks are still planning to launch their own application platform.

Also, Facebook won't have the incentives to open up its current application platform (which already accommodates 5000+ applications) as they know developers wouldn't dare to give up such lucrative market. The problem of multi-platform still exists.

OpenSocial is clearly a good start but there are more to be done before its ideals would take effect.

Update: OpenSocial does allow cross-platform communication through containers. Thanks, Ad!


About Me said...

"OpenSocial does not allow applications on one social network to communicate with another."

It can via the other network's container:

"an OpenSocial app added to your website automatically uses your site's data. However, it is possible to use data from another social network as well"
My article about OpenSocial:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip! Post updated.

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