Friday, November 16, 2007

Picasa Public Albums to Show in Google Image

Beware! Your lovely family photos on Picasa Web Album might appear in Google Image search results. Google has recently changed its policy and to include public albums in Google Image Search. Here's the official word:

Integration with Google image search results
Get more exposure for the public albums you're currently sharing on Picasa Community Search. Now, public albums from users with 'Public Search' enabled may also be included in Google image search results.
So if you don't want somebody else to see your private photos, better unlist them.


imma said...

Isn't the point of putting it in a public album, so other people can find it
Who puts their private photos in a public album? ;)
- imma

Unknown said...

This post is intended for those who don't really know they are publishing their photos as public by default. :)

imma said...

ah, thanks :)
I'd been using the picassa desktop software which is defaulting to private :) on new albums, but the web albums uploader defaults to public :(
Rather inconsistant of them, t'would be nicer if they started private on both

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what the default option is in the desktop Picasa but mine is default as Public. Maybe Google needs to raise more awareness in terms of album privacy.

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