Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Know more about links to you

Google updated its webmaster tool which now shows external and internal links for a particular page. Before, webmaster will have to use the 'link:' attribute in Google search to check backlinks (in Google's language, it is called external links). You get much more up-to-date and detailed linkage from this tool and I have to admit I like it very much. If you got a large site and got loads of links in and out, you can export the data to Excel. As mentioned in the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:

... the overall fraction of links we show is much, much larger than the link: command currently offers.
So you might get excited (like me) who saw the astonishing amount of links to your site. Another small update is the 'My sites' drop down menu in the top right corner of the page which allows much easier navigation between sites you own. If you own a site but haven't tried this out yet, I strongly recommend you give it try.

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