Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Don't fight for Gmail invitations anymore

After almost three years of closed-door beta testing, Gmail opened up its service to everyone today. The age where people are desperate to get a Gmail invitation by tattooing a Google logo on their body (according to the Gmail Help Center if you still remember) is gone and everyone who have access to Internet can sign up via and get access to the 2.8 GB of free storage. The thing that concerns me most about this, is the fact that spammers will have much easier access to Gmail and good username combinations will run short soon as it is much easy for people to sign up for multiple accounts.

Note: Not all users are seeing the sign up page (including users in Hong Kong) but this news is confirmed in the Gmail Help Center. Also, some have reported that experimenting Gmail Fetcher feature is available to everyone as well.

Update: Google has changed the FAQ page in the Help Center to the old version which says that you can get invitations with mobile phones. Maybe this would be the Gmail's birthday present for its users this year. Let's see.

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