Monday, February 5, 2007

Google to launch its own PowerPoint

Ionut from Google Operating System accidentally discovered that Google is about to launch its PowerPoint named Google Presently. Presently (just like Writely) should be included in Google Docs which now provides basic spreadsheet and word processing. This would be another advancement for Google's ambitious to put everything online. Google emphasis on collaborating and allows multiple users edit the same document at the same time seeing instant changes. It wouldn't be a surprise if they have it in Presently as well. Now that Google put most of the Office applications online, the next step would be to develop an offline editor which will automatically synchronize with the online version. Once this is done, Window and probably Mac users will have an alternative (a much better one) to Office. Go, Google, Go!


Cliff said...

This is an exciting development. Keep me posted. By the way, I can't read that annoying captcha phrase when I comment. Please remove it if possible.

Unknown said...

There have been reports that Google will be releasing its Enterprise version of Google Docs soon and will charge users for a monthly fee. Sorry about the captcha and I have removed it now but I might have put it back up again later when spammers find my blog profitable or I will have to enable comment moderation before post which I think is even more annoying.

Cliff said...

You just need a simpler captcha, like: what is one times two.

I await the full googleoffice suite.

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