Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Send YouTube Holiday Cards

Bored by the free (full of ads) e-cards you get every holiday? YouTube offers something special this Christmas. You can now greet your relatives or best friends with video holiday cards by following a few simple steps. First, either pick a video already on YouTube or upload a new (customized) one yourself and click on this banner next to that video:
Then pick a template you want and type in your name, personal message and recipient:
And you're done! Your card is then hosted on YouTube with a public link that you can save for later use (maybe for next year :P):
Your recipient will receive a notification like this in his/her Inbox and would be redirected to the holiday card when clicking on the video snapshot:Your friend can now watch the video:
I think this is a pretty nice way of staying connected with your overseas friends and you can really 'say' something or even 'show' him/her around your newly renovated room.

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