Saturday, December 1, 2007

Microsoft Challenges Picasa on YouTube

Still remember the tag line Microsoft used to promote its latest operating system Windows Vista? Wow! This was the same reaction I got when I visited YouTube's homepage today. Microsoft is running a campaign on YouTube promoting Windows Vista and Windows Live. Windows Live is Microsoft's series of products that aims at regaining the lost market share to Google's online applications. After you have watched the video title "So many memories, so many easy ways to share", you might agree with me that the campaign is targetting Google's Picasa by promoting its own Live Gallery:

The campaign also includes a promotion video on YouTube's homepage and a channel called WinVistaLive (which has uploaded one video so far). :
Apparently, Microsoft has decided to disable ratings and comments for the video as it has received pretty negative ratings:
Some YouTubers took this opportunity to express their dissatisfaction about Vista on the campaign channel homepage. Here are some of them:
  • "Windows Vista SUCK!!"
  • "I am running Vista right now ... And i am kinda considering switching to Mac..."
  • "Why did Microsoft copy apple's ideas"
I use Picasa and I like it very much. Picasa to me is iPhoto on PCs.


Cliff said...

Picasa is the best photo manager and viewer for casual users. It is indeed iPhoto for the PC, but it is much faster than iPhoto. About three times faster on a 1Ghz 512MB RAM PC compared to a 2Ghz 2GB ram iMac.

Unknown said...

I think they are trying to bring Picasa to Mac as well .. ;)

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