Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Gmail Login Pages

Gmail is testing out some new login pages which put more emphasis on its integration with other Google products and its spam-filtering technology instead of storage and search. This is quite understandable as Gmail has already initiated a dramatic increase in the amount of free storage provided to consumers on web-based email clients (i.e. Hotmail is up from 2MB to 5GB while Yahoo goes from 10MB to 'Unlimited'). This design emphasize the benefits of getting a Gmail account:
Gmail gives you more than email

A Gmail account gets you access to many other useful Google services, like:

Less spam Google Docs
Create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. Open Gmail attachments in Google Docs and begin collaborating right away.
Search Google Calendar
Organize your schedule, share calendars, and search for public events. Gmail automatically displays an "Add to calendar" link for messages that contain event information.
Storage More Google products
Get access to photo sharing with Picasa Web Albums, discussions in Google Groups, and track blogs and news in Google Reader.

Gmail's unfailing efforts in fight spam has made it stand out of the crowd:
Gmail keeps spam out of your inbox

Gmail users often cite great spam protection as a key reason they love Gmail. To keep spam out of your inbox, Gmail uses:

Less spam Advanced spam-fighting technology
Gmail's spam filters run on the same computing infrastructure that powers Google search, and use innovative Google technologies to detect and block spam.
Search Community spam reporting
By reporting unwanted messages, Gmail users play an important role in keeping spammy messages out of millions of inboxes.
Storage Rigorous checks
Gmail supports multiple authentication systems and performs rigorous checks on all incoming mail.

You as a Gmail user, what feature(s) do you think is more unique and makes you like Gmail?


Cliff said...

I tell you, I use gmail because it does not insert ads into my email; does not display ads in the web browser and keeps 99% spam away.

Hey, it also does free IMAP and POP. I need those things since I have 5 email accounts.

Anonymous said...

I think you did mistake, because your post is on December 11, 2007. Today it is December 3, 2007

Anonymous said...

Keeping the spam out of the in box is great, but how do you stop the same spam emails from coming into your spam box?
It would be nice if after a spam email is deleted like, five times, it would be automatically, completely blocked never to be seen again!

Bubba Bill

Anonymous said...

My 'finding' of this

Anonymous said...

My last message didn't work, so here it is again:

Small discussion of the new screens

Anonymous said...

Everything about gmail is good, from the no-ads to the convenient web-based UI. Keep it free, keep it solid. Lately its starting to feel a little bloaty, but as long as the main solid UI is there, it should be fine.

Also, support for middle-click in new tab, or something that lets you navigate without constantly having to go back to the inbox would be great.

Anonymous said...

recently around january 2007 gmail does come up with blank screen and no inbox ... show # at the end in the browser box. and this on both my PC... what is going on? and how to get this corrected ??
Jan Korsman NL

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