Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gmail New Signup Button

A slight update to the Gmail homepage by replacing the old tedious single line 'Sign up for Gmail' with the Mac style 'Pick a name »' button and a call to action statement 'New to Gmail? It's easy to start.'

Gmail Old Signup
Gmail New SignupIf you were new to Gmail, would you be attracted to sign up? Which do you think is better?

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Anonymous said...

I liked the original link signup.

The new one just doesn't fit their whole minimalizing on images stance.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be a non-graphic link. It alerts my security because it's an image load and asks me if I want to process every time. This is a default setting on most of my computers so it's a pain to see every single time.

Anonymous said...


second one if it were actually submitting your reg info, but 'Pick a name' is not intuitive text either...

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