Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fresh Look in Google Analytics

Feb 2006, Google acquired MeasureMap the web-based statistics site that aims to provide free, easy (and good looking stats) for bloggers. There has been no news since then and because I was anticipating the product so much, I even sent an email to MeasureMap and this was their reply at that time:

Hello Keith,

Thank you for your email and your interest in testing MeasureMap. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to extend our testing group. We hope to extend invitations for additional testers in the very near future and will contact you as soon as we are able because you signed up on the invitation list.

Measure Map Support
An year and half later, Google announces the 'whole new experience of Google Analytics' which I would say is the migration of the MeasureMap interface into Google Analytics. Basically, the interface is much more flashy and uses a lot of AJAX reducing the loading time. Here are some updates where most bloggers or basic users would find useful (other than the great improvement in interface and navigation):
  • Better exporting functionality: Just like AdWords, you can schedule or send personalized report emails and even export reports in PDF format.
  • Custom Dashboard: Personalize your own dashboard showing only what you what.
  • Full list of new features or take a tour.
Don't panic if you don't see updates in your account because Google's normal practice is to roll it out in the 'next few weeks' and you will be notified by email once you are fully migrated. For the time being, please enjoy the pretty screenshots uploaded by Flickr users (I tried to find some from Picasa Web Album, but ...):

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