Thursday, May 3, 2007

Add Reminder in Google Calendar

Google Calendar has been a bit quite since it was launched in April last year and had only a few minor updates such as the searching public events, moon phase and Google doodle calendar. It seems that Google has added one more subtle yet useful feature to called as 'Add Reminder'. A reminder in Google Calendar could be a pop-up if you are opening Google Calendar in your browser, SMS to your mobile phone or a email notification. Before, you could only have one reminder for each event and is typically inadequate for forgetful people like me. Now, you could add in more reminders to every event:
I have been longed for this feature yet would also like to see other improvement concerning the usefulness of Google Calendar. The top-wanted item would be full integration with Gmail. I have to admit Yahoo Mail is doing a good job in integrate the two and that Google might have already come up with a even innovative design.

Update: It seems that Google has taken this new feature down and it disappeared from my account. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

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imma said...

*nods sadly* gone from mine too
hope it's back soon

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