Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Suggest a feature to Gmail

Don't know since when Gmail decided to replace the 'Suggest a feature' link from a 'remote area' to the front page of their Help Center. They also added new features (most likely based on suggestions by users) to the 'most-wanted list'. Here are some interesting items:

  • Backgrounds for messages Something like the Google Personalized Homepage?
  • Animal emoticons I really don't know why animals but not humans
  • Hierarchy of Label system (i.e. sub-Labels) I would suggest label archiving instead
  • Ability to block a user from sending mail to your account
  • Sort messages by size, date, sender, etc. I believe this is the most wanted
  • Integration with other Google products such as Calendar, Groups, Reader, Picasa, etc.
  • To-do list This should come with Google Calendar
  • Export messages to a CD for storage Gmail Paper coming true?!
  • SMS notifications for incoming messages
  • Have Gmail do my laundry Is this a human verification? Or another Google joke?
They also added in a new field called 'Location'. Maybe Google wants to know which where do their picky users come from ;). Vote for your most wanted features (up to five) now!

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