Monday, April 9, 2007

Google China Apologize for Stealing Data

The recently announced Google IME (Input Method Editor) a.k.a. Google PinYin in China's Google Labs but has been discovered by users that it uses the thesaurus from another search engine in China called 搜狐 (Sohu). Facing the vigorous accusation, Google China Blog decided to apologize publicly to SoHu and admitted using their thesaurus. From the Official Google China Blog:

We are willing to face up to the problem, and therefore would like to apologize to both our customers and Sohu.

Meanwhile, we immediately took action this week (April 8, 2007) at noon, We have completed the second update (version ) and spent two days to complete the re-escalation of the current thesaurus. Currently, the Google thesaurus comes from the massive searchable database accumulated over the years produced by tens of millions of entries.
Well ... there has been very high expectation when Google first entered China. Yet to date, it still is being accused of its slow pace in localizing its products to meet the needs of Chinese Internet users. This time they rolled out a product that copied other's database, many have expressed disappointment towards this legendary company. Could Google break the curse and take over the search engine market in China?

Important Announcement: This is the 100th post in gSpy. I would like to thanks all my readers for the unfailing support and I shall continue googling more Google! ;)


Haochi said...

Congratulation with the 100th post, keep up the good work! :) 你是掂咖!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Haochi!

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