Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Google Desktop for Mac

Google Desktop is now available to Mac users! Hurray! The instant question that pops out of my mind is 'Why use Google Desktop when you have Spotlight?'. Scott McNulty from TUAW suggested reasons:

  1. Activating Desktop is as simple as clicking on the icon in the Dock or Menubar (if you choose to display them) or by hitting the default hot key: Command, Command (that's hitting the Command key twice in a row).
  2. Restore all predefined settings. Have you set up Spotlight not to index certain files (that's the list of locations under the Privacy tab in Spotlight's preferences)? Google Desktop won't index those files either. Want to save precious Dock space? Google Desktop gives you an option to display it in the Dock, in your Menubar, both, or neither.
  3. Search files that you have deleted from your system as it creates a cache on your machine that holds information about the various files that it has indexed.
  4. Integration with Google's other offerings, specifically Gmail and Google search. You get a new link in homepage and relevant results in your Mac when you search for web results. You can search your Gmail messages even when you are offline.
If you are a Mac user, download Google Desktop for Mac and give it a try.

[Thanks, Cliff!]

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