Thursday, February 1, 2007

Receive Communications from Google

In Google Groups, you get an option called 'Receive communications from Google' in the group settings if you are a group moderator. If you check the box, you agree that occasionally Google will send you updates on the latest features, ask your input on possible new features, or seek permission to highlight your Group. The information that Google collects will be held confidentially and help them make Groups better. What does this means to you? To me, it means Google start to promote groups in Groups homepage either on a random basis or on invitation (i.e. featuring groups). This makes users spend more time in Groups and help them discover groups of their interest. Groups, like most of the other Google products, is monetize with Google AdSense which servers relevant ads based on the content of the threads and topics. Yet, there is currently no option for non-profit organizations to opt out and not to display ads in their groups. Do you have any speculations?

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