Friday, February 2, 2007

Google account login page adds personalized services promotion link

I have notice a yellow box appears above some Google Account login pages (e.g. Gmail and Personalized Homepage) which promotes Google's personalized services (e.g. personalized search). This feature is not new at all, it is just that Google didn't publicize them. Google provides suggestions for users via the Interesting Item gadget that users can add in their Personalized Homepage which suggests web search, pages, gadgets and videos to users according to their history. I guess Google is trying to evaluate their artificial intelligence (AI) and to see how much they 'understand' about users from the data they have. The ultimate goal would be suggesting advertiser links to users. As Google collects huge amount of information from users via their daily search history (but not Gmail and AdWords at the moment), the ads will be highly targeted and to advertisers, this means a higher conversion rate. What do you think?

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