Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Strange AdSense Self-Promotion Ad

I saw this ad in Digg which advertise AdSense.

This is a quote from AdWords Help Center about choosing title of your ads:

Review your keyword list to choose your ad title. Find keywords with the highest number of clicks or impressions. For example, if the keyword phrase 'online advertising' is clearly generating the most clicks and impressions in your account, use this term in the title of your ad. This is an effective way of increasing clickthrough rate because users can see immediately that your ad is relevant to their query. Also, any keywords you include in any part of your ad text are automatically highlighted in bold type on Google, when a user enters the keywords as part of their query. This helps draw the user's attention to the ad.
Does the term 'This site' relate to AdSense? Or is the keyword 'This site' driving loads of traffic to AdSense? I don't think so. Google is obviously wasting its money on low performing ads and more importantly pushing up the minimum bid for advertisers who would like to show in top positions. This is not a nice practice if you consider advertisers who naturally wants to pay least for the best performance.

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