Monday, January 8, 2007

Google Calendar gaining auidience

Many people worry that Google is expanding too fast and creating loads of products but doesn't really have users. But this might change your thought: According to Hitwise, Google Calendar's market share has increased 333% since its launch.

Graph from Hitwise.

I am quite happy about this growth as a large market share means Google will have to put more efforts into this product and further develop it (but not close it down like Google Answers). I have been loving Google Calendar since it was first launched and until recently, I rely heavily on it as the SMS function just prevents my brain memory cells from active. Overall, Google Calendar (especially the Gmail integration) has provided users with a easy-to-use yet ads free interface to organize their events. Some features like the invitations and the sharing makes it even more user considerate. Yet, there are still more to improve like:
  • Saving locations so that I don't have to type in places I often go every time I have a meeting there
  • Much easier way to pick contacts to invite (which I know they are working on right now)
  • Improving the AI which Gmail uses to flags events hidden in emails
  • Higher degree of customization when publishing my calendar on websites.
  • Further integrating Google Calendar with Gmail so that I can view my events without loading a new window (a Google Personal Organizer is a good name for the combination of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Notebook and Froogle wish list and maybe Google Docs & Spreadsheet)
Anyway, Google has clear indicator that it will focus more on product integration rather than product invention.

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