Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New AdSense Interactive Ad Spotted

Google constantly experiments with different look-n-feel of their ads to see which one better performs and would generate higher click-through-rates. I've recently spotted an interactive ad (of the size of 300 x 250) which contains a seach box in the middle:

AdSense Interactive Ad Search Box
It only advertises one site at a time and allows you to search within the content of the advertised site. Notice that the title of the ad (at the very top bolded) is not a link, rather, mere text. You could navigate through the results by clicking "Next" or "Previous" at the bottom. Here's a screen-capture that illustrates how it works in practice:


Anonymous said...

I dont have seen this Gogoel Ads, but in practice nobody clicks on "Next" or "Previous"

Unknown said...

Google often does limited testing by randomly choosing a section of the visitors of a site to experience testing ads.

penerjemah said...

thx for your info

Online Degrees said...

thanx for this information! it great to know!

Logan said...

thats cool, but honestly... who used next or previous. when i search google if the result im looking for is not on the first page, im done searching.

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