Saturday, January 19, 2008

iGoogle Compound Gadget Fixed

Over the past few weeks, users of the iGoogle compound gadget has reported instances where child gadgets within disappears. The problem is now fixed and the developer behind even improved the gadget so that you could actually edit the settings and rename tabs of child gadgets by clicking on the drop down menu in each tab. Add it back to iGoogle:

Add to Google

Also, iGoogle launched a theme directory and opened up a Themes API that lets you create your own customized designs for iGoogle. Here are some program policies that you might want to keep in mind before designing a new theme:
  1. The search box and related links may not be moved or removed from the iGoogle page.
  2. Don’t mimic or resemble Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes or error messages.

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Unknown said...

Hey, just trying to get the word out about a little app I made to automatically make themes. It can be found at


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