Tuesday, October 9, 2007

AdSense Video Units

AdSense offers yet another form of advertisement - videos. A typical video unit consists of a customized embeddable player with an image banner at the top. Inline-text ads would pop up at the bottom of the video. Users have to manually click to 'shrink' the ad (it doesn't completely disappear, a link still exists).

Currently, only videos from selected content providers could be chosen as to ensure the quality of the content. The revenue would be shared among the content provider, publisher and Google. Here's a video unit sample (you can view it live here):
AdSense Video UnitTo set up a video unit, go to "AdSense Setup" tab in your AdSense account. Click "video units" and you would be redirected to YouTube to customize your player as well as selecting content providers.

I personally quite like the idea because the embedded videos can be manually selected, so it would be highly relevant to the website itself. Also, video are more vivid and could convey messages in a very short period of time.

AdSense Help Center

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