Friday, June 15, 2007

YouTube Tests New Interface

After rolling out the controversial new embedded video player, YouTube continues to test around with new interfaces. First spotted by Google Operating System, the new design places the search box in the center (and clearing indicating that the search is Powered by Google), removes the promotional banner at the top, moves the metadata below the video, makes it easier to rate the video and to find other related videos. There's also an option to embed a video using the old player.
For the homepage, the most obvious change is that five random 'videos being watched now' are displayed at the very top of the page using flash (which is pretty eye-catching) and refreshes every 7 seconds. You are also encouraged to log in with your Google Account where you can choose either to link an existing YouTube account to a Google account or create a new one. This is clearly another move for Google to track your online activities in one single account aiming to deliver more personalized and thus relevant results.
The search results also had a make up by replacing the leaderboard with a medium rectangle alongside with the results. The sorting functions have also been moved to the top giving more space available for search results.
What do you think about the new interface? Is it more user friendly or the opposite?

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Ruby said...

I hate it, the search feature sucks now. They have more important things on the site that need fixing before they start messing with the interface. I wish they'd leave the site alone, it's becoming more and more like google video. Sometimes it's best to keep things simple.

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