Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogger in Draft

Blogger in DraftThe Blogger Team created a new place for them to experiment with new features before releasing it to everyone just like Google Labs. To try these experiments, you just have to visit instead of the normal Similar to Google Labs, features in Blogger in Draft might be a bit fickle. According to the newly established official Blogger in Draft blog:

Features on Blogger in draft may be updated, changed, re-imagined, transmogrified, or removed at any time. Draft gives us the freedom to see what works and what doesn’t before we turn a feature on for everyone, so expect us to make changes — hopefully you’ll think they’re for the better!
The first experimental feature is video upload.You will see a new button to the post editor that pops up a dialog you can use to upload a video right into your blog post. While your video is processing, you will see this:
Blogger Processing Uploaded VideoYou will then be able to post once your video is finished. While you video is hosted in Google Video, they are kept private and will not be included in Google Video search (just like your initially unlisted Blogger tied Picasa Web Album).

Note: Comment is enable in their blog and suggestions are very welcomed. Join the party!

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