Saturday, May 12, 2007

YouTube Video Ads Screenshot

YouTube announced its plan to implement video advertisements in 'top users with original content' videos back in May. New TeeVee describes how there look like:

... a text ad (shows) at the bottom of (the) player as a video is playing. If a user clicks on the text, a video ad expands and appears layered on top of the player. The ads are also clickable from a static post-roll. Examples are shown below in screenshots from a My Chemical Romance music video.
I have to agree with Duncan Riley's (from TechCrunch) comment about the ads. He says:
It’s a marked step forward in Google’s quest to better monetize YouTube, but I remain unconvinced. ... An advert is provided at the base of a My Chemical Romance video for Cingular/ AT&T. ... There’s no context, not contextual matching and delivery. Are users viewing this video or other music videos likely to be interested in an optional advertisement from AT&T, one that interrupts their viewing?
I don't think so. I suppose the quality of the ads will improve as the network grows larger.

[Screenshots from New TeeVee]

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