Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Google Mapplets

Google announced in the Where 2.0 Conference that it is launching Mapplets that enables third party developers to create mini applications to be displayed on Google Maps, much like Google Gadgets are displayed on iGoogle. These Mapplets contain a variety of information, from housing listings to crime data, and tools like distance measurement. Users can select from a wide range of Google and third party Mapplets to display on the Map, essentially creating their own “mashup of mashups” directly on the Google Maps site, while still enjoying the built-in functionality of Google Maps, such as local search and driving directions. There are currently a number of partners of Google, including WeatherBug, and Platial have already created Mapplets.
To get an idea of what this is all about, you can visit a test page that features some mapplets such as real estate search powered by Google Base, distance measurement, movie showtimes, weather, earthquake information. More mapplets can be found in the Mapplets directory, and a developer documentation is available as well. You can also view this Developer Demo on YouTube:

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