Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Personalized Homepage gets dressed

Some people like plain interfaces (just like the classic Google homepage) but there are also people who loves fancy, cool-looking and stylish stuff. Google now caters both group by adding themes to its personalized homepage. There are all together 7 choices: 'Classic', 'Beach', 'Bus Stop' , 'City Scape', 'Sweet Dreams', 'Tea House' and 'Seasonal Scape'. Every theme are basically templates that have a header image and is customized into specific color schemes. Some themes can even change dynamically to match your time of day, including local sunrise and sunset times. I think this is just the first step of coloring the personalized homepage as Google should predefined templates can only satisfy a small group of users. If the templates can be modified in a control panel like customizing themes in Blogger and Groups, it would allow more variations (that means users might get to change the Google logo to their beloved static colors!). A good step forward!

This is a beach theme in the afternoon.


Cliff said...

I love the way you update us with Google™ developments, but tell us, how do you set the time for the themes on the G-homepage? It only lets me choose from USA cities, if you choose anything else, it just sets you to the afternoon!

Cliff said...

You can customise themes: add the customise widget from the Google Homepage.

Mark said...

I've created a page that shows all the images you can see through iGoogle throughout the day/night. Check it out: iGoogle Theme Header Images!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mark!

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