Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Google CSE gets better branding

Google Custom Search allows users to create their own search engine by manually including certain sites of similar topics to either 'get emphasized' or 'monopolize' the results. The idea is great, but since it is new, Google focused more on its core features (e.g. adding statistics, allow individual search engines to be ad-free) than its look-n-feel. But now the basic frame work is almost done, Google starts to furbish the product. The first improvement they made (which happened in Feb) is that they turned the long and annoying sentence that previously said "Google search results customized by [XYZ site] using Google Co-op" in the result pages is being replaced by a small CSE logo. They now allow more changes to the search box. According to the new branding guidelines, you can either display Google CSE logo next to your search box, or you may choose a watermark that will be displayed inside your search box (default for all old search engines). Obviously the new look-n-feel makes the search box in gSpy look more professional and less banal.

P.S. I have submitted the watermark suggestion to Google for ages (maybe since it launch CSE) and glad they have take it into account.

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