Friday, February 16, 2007

Google Video New Layout

Google Video is testing a new layout which is very similar to YouTube where users see all the video options (description, ratings, related videos, etc.) in one screen without having to click here and there. This is a sensible act as it makes no sense to have the a 'wide screen' to display videos that are mostly in square size. And adding more details in one page means users saves time for loading the new content because they are preloaded. Another improvement is that scrolling through related video uses AJAX which means we don't have to scroll down for more videos like in YouTube. You will also see some snapshots of at certain time in the video which allows users to skip to sections that interest them. However, users will have to scroll down to view some of the details which means they will have to leave the video. Adding to that, some videos have loads of comments and all of them are displayed in one l-o-n-g page.

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