Monday, January 22, 2007

Reporting Spam in Google

Many webmasters are aware that Google provides an easy-to-use sitemap tool which allows them to upload supported formats of sitemap and notify Google of changes of their site, but not many of them have notice that you can actually help improve Google's search results by reporting spam sites. On the front page of the sitemap tool, you will see the Tools link, on click, the Report spam in our index and you will be brought to a submission form. These days, there have been increasing complains about the amount of spam sites Google includes in its search service especially for Blog Search. And as the founder of Wikipedia has expressed interest in competing with Google by setting up a search engine (Wikiseek) which restricts its searches to pages from Wikipedia and those sites that are referenced within Wikipedia aiming to reduce spam.

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Leon said...

I bookmarked the spam tool and may mention it in a post. I use Blog Search a lot and link to it at Big Blog Directory. Like everyone else i hate dealing with splogs.

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