Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Google Groups out of beta

Last year around in October, Google introduced a new version of Google Groups which increased the degree of customization and allow members to create pages (using Google Page Creator) and uploading files. Since then, you will have to use to see the new Groups interface. Today, Google moved every single group (including all its Discussion Forums for its products) to the new version. Here are a few suggestions to Google for Groups:

  1. Like customized search engine, if Google could think about revenue sharing between the group owners and Google. This would be essential if Google would like forum owners to consider using Groups over traditional online forums.
  2. Allowing sub-groups in a group. Just like most of the Google product discussion groups, group owners should be allowed to add in multiple sections to their own group.
  3. Provide easier ways for webmasters to embed their groups into their own website, e.g. using iFrames.
  4. Google is still not efficient in identifying spam. It is often that spam gets parts its filter and becomes posts though they improved the situation by notifying group managers suspicious posts.
  5. Polls and surveys as listed in the suggestion form in its Help Center.
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