Wednesday, January 3, 2007

AdWords Promotional Code

If you have never tried AdWords to drive traffic to your site yet, you might want to give it a try without any risk. AdWords has been offering promotional credit for new advertisers way back, credit ranges from USD25 to USD50. The idea of promotional credits is to allow new advertisers experiment with their AdWords account and see if it suits their business without really paying. There are a few points to note as well:

  1. You have to submit your credit card information if your payment option is post-pay.
  2. You will have to deposit the set up fee (USD5) if you are choosing pre-pay as your payment option before the credit goes into your account.
  3. Manual opt-out of AdWords after the credit exhausts is required if you don't want to be charged.
  4. You shall receive an email containing a your promotional code within 72 hours of sign up.
  5. Promotional credit expires after 14 days of sign up.
Once you decided to give AdWords a try, sign up for an account using the link below (you shall see a small paragraph of text below the AdWords logo explaining the Terms and Condition of the promotion and stating that you are being directed from Yahoo!'s search marketing):

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