Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More Integration in 2007

As reported in Google Operating System, David Girouard, VP and General Manager at Google Enterprise, told Internetnews.com that Google will pay more attention to an integrated sotry in 2007. He said that Google Talk will include many new features and will become a true VoIP client.

"Google Talk, which currently allows users to make VoIP calls among themselves, will be beefed up to integrate with traditional phone systems as well as VoIP offerings from other vendors." - Girouard
Google's social network could also receive an upgrade.
"Google may use the fruits of its acquisitions of Web 2.0 companies such as wiki-builder Jotspot and social-networking site orkut to build the framework for a collaboration platform."
To due with the fact that Google Docs & Spreadsheets sometimes faces Internet access problems. Google would fix it, at least for enterprise users, by giving them access to their data when they're offline. Google will also add new features to Google Docs & Spreadsheets to make it a real option for consumers and small businesses.

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