Friday, December 22, 2006

Google Checkout Merchant Refferal Program

Google is pushing Google Checkout really hard and wants to get as much merchants as possible, after the extending the free transaction period till end of 2007, it launched the Google Checkout Merchant Referral Program which encourages developers, e-commerce providers, web designers, or any other businesses or individuals that maintains relationships with online merchants to introduce Google Checkout to their customers. Here is how you get paid for every merchant you refer:

  • For one year, you will earn 0.5% of all Google Checkout sales processed by the merchants you refer.
  • You will earn an additional $25 for each merchant you refer in one year that processes at least $500 in sales and 3 transactions with Checkout.

For e-commerce providers who
provide online shopping cart services:
All in all, Google tries to provide incentive for e-commerce provides to integrate GoogleCheckout in their website to gain more market share. Fill out this form to get started.

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Jessica Gottlieb said...

Very cool, sign me up for some of that Google cash flow!

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