Friday, September 28, 2007

Gmail Help Center Includes External Data Source

When you seek help from Gmail's Help Center, you would now see "user community" data in search results which includes not only threads from its dedicated Google Groups but also other external sources such as Lifehacker and

Given the fact that Gmail users increases dramatically after it opens up to the public, the Gmail Team might be receiving overwhelming amount of help tickets and turn to quality external sources which provides quick answers to simple questions.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Google Calendar in iPhone

The Google Calendar Team has developed a tailor-made interface for iPhone users. The 'What's New' page says: Google Calendar now works (and looks) better on your iPhone. Enhanced 'touch-screen' buttons and color-coded events make keeping track of your schedule - and viewing others' calendars - even easier while you're on the go.

YouTube Launches Nonprofit Program

The "YouTube Nonprofit Program" enables non-profit organizations to set up outreach programs on YouTube. By joining the program, organizations benefits from:

  • Premium branding capabilities and increased uploading capacity
  • Rotation of your videos in the "Promoted Videos" areas throughout the site
  • The option to embed a Google Checkout "Donate" button — and to fundraise without transaction costs.
Here's an example for the Google Checkout "Donate" button next to a video from Asia Society:
Here are some tips on setting up a video fund-raising campaign from the YouTube Blog:

Sign Up | YouTube Blog

Happy Birthday, Google!

It's Google's 9th birthday! I wonder what Google's birthday wish is :P

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Strange YouTube Video Description in Google

Pay attention to the description of the video! It reads '8 clicks from ...'. Pretty obvious it is some referral statistics from YouTube. This suggests that YouTube has been putting its referral statistics in public allowing (extremely powerful) search engines like Google to access this information. I tried some other keywords but it doesn't seem to trigger the same "description". Could you find other keywords that produces the same (strange) video description? Or do you have other opinions about this phenomena?